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Spikez is an exciting children's novel published by Burton Mayers Books in 2012 about an unlikely group of animal cyborgs.  In 2019, the book got a technological upgrade.  All of the bonus content associated with the book is now free to access online here.  There is also a range of downloadable media, including images, video and sound files to share. 

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Animal Cyborgs
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Check out some of the original artwork created for Spikez by the illustrator, John Burton.  When the book was published, many of these images were never used, so we're giving them a home. Check them out! 

You can see the full range of black and white sketches here


"More fun

                        than Sonic!"

Real-Life Animal Cyborgs

What is a cyborg?  By definition, any living thing merged with electronic components is a cyborg.  The Spikez series of books are full of crazy animal cyborg creations.  See some of the concept art and what readers have been creating themselves.

You can also find some interesting news stories about real-life cyborgs and fun animal stories on this site. 

Cyborg Creations
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Weird and Wonderful Animal cyborg Creations

If you'd like to see some of your cyborg designs featured on this website then please get in touch!

Thanks for submitting your awesome design. If Spikez approves, we'll post it online in our gallery!!

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