Animal Cyborgs

Whilst the concept of Animal Cyborgs may still feel very much like science fiction, in reality we may be at the very start of a slow transition towards making cyborg tech a reality for all. 

The concept of Spikez is based on the idea of military projects developing next generation weapons and defence systems.  Who would have thought that drones, or UAVs, would play such a crucial role in military operations that they might eventually prevent the need for real pilots or soldiers to put their lives directly at risk on the front line.  Of course, this will trigger a counter-measure (reaction) by military departments as they seek to find ways to disrupt and destroy drones.  And so the fight continues, looking for more ways to gather intelligence and destroy important infrastructure.

So, ask yourself this: do you know what a drone?  Could you spot one and tell the difference between a military and commercial, shop-bought drone? How could you be so sure?  Now imagine that same question about animal cyborgs.  Could you tell if common birds, garden wildlife and animals were real or in some way enhanced to spy on you?

You will find some research and concept work on this topic across this website.  This project is a continuous work in progress and we endeavor to provide all of our sources and information to help you make your own opinions and ideas.  

Enjoy using the site and do share it among friends, family and fellow researchers.